Ladies and Gentleman who love sherlolly!

I am pleased to present to you: SAMFA!  Sherlock And Molly Fanfiction Awards!

The categories for sherlolly fics are as follows:

Rated K-T, and also Rated M categories

Best Romance

Best Adventure

Best Mystery

Best Angst

Best Drama

Best Humor

Best Hurt/Comfort

Best Sherlock

Best Molly

Fan’s Choice (this award will go to whichever fic receives the most nominations total).

Here is how the process will work.

Fans may submit nominees starting Monday, May 7.

Nominations must be submitted in one of the following ways:

1.  A public message on Tumblr with the tag #sherlolly fic awards

2.  A private message to me or one of the other judges on Tumblr.  Judges are:






3.  A private message to me, nocturnias, on

4.  A blog or website reply on the official SAMFA site:www.youdocount.weebly.comcom

Nominations will be accepted through Monday, May 21.  The nomination deadline is 11:59 PM, EST.

After the nominations are made, the judges will narrow the field down to 5 contenders for each category and begin judging on Wednesday, May 30.

Winners will be announced Monday, July 2.

Rules for nominations are as follows:

1.  You may submit multiple nominees, but only one per category per rating.  For example, you may nominate a rated T romance, and a rated M romance, but not two rated M romances.  

2.  Provide a link to the fic.

3.  Fic authors are allowed to make nominations.

4.  As this is a Sherlock and Molly fanfic award, Sherlock and Molly must be the central pairing.  It does not have to be a romantic pairing, however.

5.  You may nominate the same fic for up to two categories.

Please feel free to make comments and ask questions, and start thinking about your nominations!

SHERLOLLY FANS! Please reblog and add the tags #sherlolly and #sherlolly fic awards!  Please tweet this if you sherlolly on Twitter and please journal it if you use LJ!

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